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Originally from South Africa, Wilma Plaisier immigrated to the Netherlands in 1992. For 10 years she worked as a pottery painter for the renowned Royal Delft, formerly known as The Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles, the last remaining factory of the 32 earthenware factories established in Delft during the 17th century.


Over the years, she was able to master a diverse range of painting techniques including the world-famous Delft Blue and the Red-Blue-Gold – an interpretation of the Japanese Imari porcelain technique.


At the Art Academy (VAK Delft) in Delft, Wilma pursued the main subjects: perspective, still life, figure- and portrait drawing, painting techniques and the history of art.


Nowadays, Wilma operates under the name Delfts Plaisier as an independent designer and master painter of decorative pottery. In addition to designing and creating her own products, she regularly collaborates with other designers, businesses or private clients to create new products.


Wilma takes inspiration for her designs, not so much from existing Delft artwork, but rather from a variety of sources, which at first glance appear to have nothing in common with Delftware.


By taking in her surroundings through Delft-blue eyes, she is able to conjure up truly unique contemporary designs which at the same time project a sense of being part of the centuries-old traditional style.


According to Wilma, this contemporary approach doesn’t in any way diminish the traditional style – after all, Delft Blue is its most powerful and appealing quality. Rather, through her work she wants to emphasise these qualities.


This is the unmistakable touch of a master, whose technique has been honed by years of practicing this traditional Dutch technique. This special technique makes it possible to create endless tones with one blue colour, from black to virtually transparent.


By collaborating with other ceramists, colours, materials and techniques are optimised – resulting in ceramics of the highest quality. Piece by piece these authentic products are handmade and painted. All objects have the trademark of Delfts Plaisier and come with a certificate of authenticity.


Every piece is the result of a recipe of love and passion, and shines with individual beauty.

Wilma Plaisier talks about her love and passion for Delft Blue, and the endless possibilities that lie within this traditional Dutch craft.

Reinventing the past,
creating a bright Delft blue future

Embracing the Past, Inspiring the Present, Enchanting the Future



11 Mar 2016

Eéndaagse masterclass Delfts blauw

Zaterdag 30 April Meesterschilder Wilma Plaisier begeleid je tijdens deze masterclass met het schilderen van een Delfts blauw bord in de techniek van het traditionele Delfts Blauw. Het ambacht wordt veelvuldig besproken, geoefend en toegepast, zodat je uiteindelijk voldoende basisvaardigheden en technieken beheerst om een mooi product neer te zetten

28 Sep 2015

Nieuwe serie Delfts Plaisier

Wilma Plaisier is currently working on a new porcelain collection. Consisting of three items, a cup, bowl and plate. The designs are made to be beautiful as individual pieces and also complimenting each other when presented together as a set. This series will be presented at 'Meesterlijk Design & Crafts'

22 Jul 2015

Meesterlijk Design & Ambacht 27-29 Nov. 2015

Delfts Plaisier op Meesterlijk! De Westergasfabriek is ‘the place to be’ in Amsterdam als het gaat om vernieuwende manifestaties en evenementen. Een locatie die Meesterlijk past als gegoten.   City of Design 3 dagen in 2015 is de Westergasfabriek omgetoverd tot een inspirerende ‘City of Design’.   Geniet van de


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